Thursday, 28 May 2015

Korean Cosmetics Haul!

Phew it's been a while. lol
I havent update my blog for monthss.. I'm kinda busy with college and stuff and i need a good CGPA for this semester. Why? because i do not want to pay for my scholarship dude . Haha. Okay now it's really make sense on why i need a good Grades.

Right, recently i'm kind of in love with this Korean cosmetics , since i watched a video of a korean girl doin their makeup. Well, i kinda impress with how they look like, you know.. I mean, their skin is so translucent. Like, seriously. 

Soooo i decided to spend a lil money on this korean cosmetics. And, guess what ? i am really impress. here i show you some of the items that i bought . Actually i bought a lot, the Etude House Precious Mineral bb cushion (phew, that's a long name for a compact bb cream), BC Dation by Tony Moly ( It's a combination of a bb cream and a cc cream) , How cool is that!
All right, the very big, round and green items is an Aloe Vera gel from Nature Republic. U can use it either ,on your skin as a moisturizer, or toner or you can use it on your hair as well. There is a lot of multi purpose in one container of Aloe Vera gel. 

Next, i bought two lips product which is Milk Orange lip tint by Peri Pera, and the yellow bunny stick which is from Tony Moly. It's really cute yet give a nice colour on my lips.

Also, i bought two items from Etude Hose, which is play 101 pencil, which i'm very satisfied on. I use it as a concealer on my lips. The next items is a stick concealer.. and i use it to cover blemishes on my face.

Last but not least is an eyebrow pencil from Peri Pera, this eyebrow stick has become my must have products for  eyebrows.

Also, this is how i look like after appling the makeup. I AM really satsfied with it.

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