Friday, 9 November 2012

Third Anniversary

Hello blog readers . .

Tarikh harini adalah tarikh yg sangat cantik kan ? 10.11.12 , Saturday. Sebenarnye.. harini adelah my third anniversary with Shahiril Fauzan <3 . Walaupun harini kitorang tak dapat date, because he's in Pahang and i'm in Ipoh . (yeah i know, long distance relay) but, kitorang akan selalu pastikan kitorang ade mase bersame dalam ape je cara .

Rasenye for this year and next year, kitorang tak dapat sambut anniversary ni dengan aman because, this year dia ade SPM and next year, i pulak ade SPM,inshaallah, sigh :'( . Tapi takpe. we always together everytime and every minutes ;p . I can't wait to meet him next year . . as he promise to meet me here.. <3

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