Friday, 29 April 2016

Back to Hometown

Yayyyyy! Back to HomeTown, 

No matter where do i go, where do i stay, Nothing can beat my hometown.
I always loves my classical, retro and vintage Ipoh City. I would say that Ipoh is a mini version of Europe. Why? Just look at the buildings. It just a really nice view! Ain't nobody can get rid of it.

So, i was inside the train, it was cold and i had to buy a hot nescafe just to keep me warm

However I didn't drink it tho, since i might burn my tongue! Lol! . So, i just held this cup until it's no longer hot and drink it right after that. Thanks to KTM for such an excellent services. I've been using this services for about 3 years, and i'm lovin it! Very fast, safe and convenient. It worth my money. A lot of my friend wouldn't suggest me this KTM service since it's expensive. But actually it depends on each person. To me, it's affordable.

You know when you don't know what to do, and all you could do is selfie

This is the mini version of Europe that i'm talking bout'


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