Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Goodbye Classes, Hello Internship

Yesterday was tiring.

Because yesterday was the last day for me in MCS College located in Banting, Selangor. (Promote kolej sendiri jap) Then i left for Internship in Ipoh, which is my hometown. Will miss all of my friends there!

The reason why i choose Ipoh is because, i don't have to worry bout rent, food,transport, laundry (i used to go to DOBI lately because i don't have time to do my laundry), and a lot more. I want to do well in my Internship, and get good CGPA. So i could get scholarship for degree program later on. Smart enough huh? haha. It is not that easy btw

So i will be doing all that accounting stuff and paperworks and i wish i could gain as much experience as i could? But guess what? my Debit and Credit still terabur, those yang ambik accountancy, will know the struggle. But yea, i believe that no pain, no gain. Even though my debit credit terabur, but i still wanna learn tho. I want that CA title at the beginning of my name tho. (Sorry pengaruh rapper Caprice). 

Oh do you guys know Caprice? the one yang botak tu. Yang nyanyi lagu "takde hal bro" . I really like his song yang title "chikaro" tu lah. you guys know the song? listen to it, it's awesome!! 

Okay enough lari topik. But actually i really don't feel like to continue typing. cuz. I'm too lazy for that, and i'm hungry, and it's raining. 


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