Saturday, 12 January 2013

Dream Body .

who dont want a perfect body ? a slender arms, a skinny and long legs, a V shape face. actually, we really need to take care of our weight. it just as simple as ABC. Take care of weight is just the same as we take care of our health. a lot of people has been asking me on how do i maintain skinny, but i eat a lot? the secret is. do not eat at night. and take food with low carbohydrate. Means, you need to take less rice, but more to fruits and vegetables. Dont like vege? it's okay, i bet you'll love fruits. other way to maintain a perfect body is, walking, dancing, sauna.. do not just lazy around and sit at the sofa or lying on bed while eating chips. chips is really bad, it is yummy, but chips is actually make your weight increasing. so take chips only in a small portion,

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