Saturday, 27 December 2014

It's all about the shoes

Okay.. actually i'm a fan of korean shoes.
I bought this shoes from a website that sell a lot of korean fashion.
It's damn beautiful!!

wanna see ? 
here you go. beautiful right? I took this picture today's morning cuz, it's damn beautiful!! even my mom got jealous of my new shoes

It's kind of expensive, since it's from Korea.
so i'll take care of it reallllly welllll,
 i love this shoes more than my others shoes.
because my bf bought it for me
for my birthday present <3
to me, it just perfect.

Please excuse me to take a selfie. lol! bare face, messy hairstyle
it's mornin, c'mon. Who didn't take a bath in the morning on weekends? me yeah.

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