Monday, 2 May 2016

Raku Pizza

Again, pizza mood  for today. I went to Raku Pizza for more PIZZAS!!! I pick tuna, and my babe choose chicken pepperoni as toppings. We both choose thin crust since it's really crispy. Yeap, it's very tasty. Also, they give free coke! So we could refill as much coke we want. I just wanna give yall warning, cause all of the pizzas below might make you droll. 

I've warned you. You might droll. Just look at that! MMM super tasty

To me, Raku Pizza is really super tasty that you guys should check it out! You can simply go to this shop in Subang Jaya. It's in ss15 MCD area. So, just check it out.!


  1. Hi faeeyza,
    I can feel it, look so yummy!
    I like crispy pizza too..

  2. emmm that looks tasty..i can feel the cheese is melting in my mouth and that that tender delicious chicken going through my mouth...omg i am fasting!


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