Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Accountant ?

So, a lot of us have heard of Accountant right. A lot of people said :-

"Are you an Accountant? that's really good. Since the gov has applied GST, people are going to need you!"

"Wow, you're an Accountant now! "

"Accountant is a professional job!"

Those are the common word i've heard enough since i've become the Junior Accountant.
And honestly, i'm going to tell you that this is the most, pressure and stressful and boring job to be honest. (if you can't handle to work under pressure, better don't be).

There are the pros and cons of being an Accountant. Of course the pros are, people are going to respect you because you are entering a professional industry. Salary? quite high, if you're really into this job. And you will get to know a lot of bosses, and be friend with a lot of bosses. I have to admit, that my job, requires me to keep in touch with a lot of Directors and Bosses that come to the Accounting firm to do some accounts for their company.

However, the cons are, this is the most boring job in the world. A little bit stressful during the peak time Mar - Aug. Imagine that you need to work in a rush. And sometime you have to go back late at night because you haven't finish your work. However, this depends on the company. If the company have a lot of workers, you'll be less stressful, but if not enough workers, you have to bear the pressure.


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