Saturday, 13 August 2016

Friendship is born

It's been 3 months i've go through this internship. There's a lot of pressure, stress, happy, laugh and a lot more. We had so much fun yesterday, dinner with the bosses and colleagues.

Actually i can't stand it anymore. Working in the Accounting firm is so much stress, boring, pressure, no life, unhappy . But, the thing that keep me to stay strong, and go through this painful internship is FRIENDS. Yes i made a lot of new friends, some are really good in Accounting, and some are not. Maybe Accounting is not for me? I really have no interest in it. lol. what an honest statement. but yeah, i can't stand it anymore.

This is a farewell for one of my office friends, since he already finished his internship.(I'm so jealous! i can't wait to finish my intern soon!)  So our boss decided to have a farewell party for him, since he had performed outstanding. So our bosses treat us dinner.

 The best thing is, we can "kikis" our bosses money and order a lot of foods. XD . This is serious man, we ordered, appetizers to desserts! so full yesterday, but i'm happy that i can kikis my boss money.

I felt so lazy to come to this farewell party, i just want to stay at home and have good sleep. But yeah, he's a friend of mine, and i had to come because he is my friend. 


Did you notice something in this photo? We both wear stripes. And it's a coincidence. lol

Bye dude, see you next time!

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