Thursday, 28 May 2015

New Inspirations

Good Morning :)

I felt like i want to update my blog everyday since i've bought a new laptop the other day. And, it's in white, lol, my Vivo smartphone is white as well, And so with my usb cabel. lol idk. i like white recently.

My old laptop cant work properly, and i had to borrow my friend's laptop to do my assignments. I find that's kinda disturbing her. I'm not someone who like to disturb other people stuff lol. And i hope that other people wont do the same to me. Yes i'm the type of person that don't like to share stuff with other. You can take my food, but not my expensive stuff. I bet i'm not the only one?

I've done with semester two,  and i only have 1 week of semester break. -,- urgh. . Accountancy is a very tough subject if i take it easy . So i study, and study.. until i can't remember what day is today? what month is it? what year is it? lol. What i can remember is numbers =.= . My brain is full of numbers.
This is one of the subject that i take. Business Statistic.

It's hard to be an Accountancy students . Too much numbers and formula and numbers and money.  But , i take it positively , since.. People need accountant today. like , everywhere.. peoples need an accountant to run a business. soo yaa. why not? 

okay, lets change topic. So tomorrow i'm going to write about something interesting. since Pentatonix is coming to Malaysia tomorrow. And i'm going to watch their concert! wee

oh ya. here i'm sharing with you guys what am i doin ight now. teehee


  1. bestnyer dapat new laptop :)

  2. have a happy journey u can make it, im sure even we're stranger keep supporting others make people grow stronger :)


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