Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Going to District 21

Yesterday was soo adventureous.  We went to IOI Putrajaya to visit District 21. This is a robot thing that looks like he is trying to go out through the wall. It is so cool. Sooo beautiful yet so cool. 
Actually we wanted to play ice skate yesterday, so yeahh. This robot seems like  welcoming us there.

 Because he looks so beautiful, so we took a pic up close. Howww beautiful is that! Steel arm. yeah! how cool is that.

 And this is how District 21 looks like inside of the building. We only visiting and not gettin inside since it's kinda expensive and we are not strong enough to try all of their boyish game. We are weak lol yeah, we admit that. There are bungee jumping, wall climbing, flying foxx, trimpolin and a lot more.

We took a selfie. lol >_< . Me and sue, my forever babe lol.

Before we play ice skate, we need energy so we went to a restaurant and have some nice foods. I don't remember what's this restaurant name. But, they have a really nice Durian Crepe.  3 pieces is not enough. YES not enough, i told ya. it's too delicious. I was craving of  Keropok Lekor so i ordered that food. hihi

And finally......... ice skate time!! It was a hard time. lol. But i can finally skate on that ice. 


  1. da pernah pergi District 21 . hehehe memang mecabar keberanian betul tapi best :B

    1. anyway visit my blog



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