Thursday, 15 September 2016


Have you guys ever wondered why certain of people wash their hair at the salon?
Me too. At the same time i always wondered why my hair was super frizzy after i washed my hair at home.

After month by month, heavy dandruff started to develop. No matter how i wash my hair,
the dandruff just won't go away. It's like, snow. you know what i mean.
But the problem is, Malaysia doesnt have snow. So obviosly, i cant lie to people that it's my dandruff.

How do i get rid of this frizzy hair and dandruff. ?!
I was so stressed out.
Until one day, i decided to wash my hair at the salon.
It didn't really cost that much.
I washed my hair at the salon for RM18. Pretty cheap huh?
SOOOooo, this is my hair before i washed my hair at the salon.
Soo freakin frizzy and i hate that. I don't want to use too much heat to my hair just to get pretty straight hair!

Sooooo frizzy :(

I have no idea what did the hairdresser had done to my hair. Do they cast a spell or something? I don't know how do they do this! The way they washed my hair was pretty similar to how i washed my hair. BUT! why it turns out this good? If you could see, my picture below, my hair has become so silky, straight and non-frizzy. How amazing is that?!

Less frizzy! YAY. how did they do that? T_T

Is it because of the product that they used? i can't identified the product or brands that they used.
I think i have to come and work at their salon just to figure out the technique they used to wash costumer's hair


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