Tuesday, 30 December 2014


Probably some of you know, and some of you don't
It's a disease where some teenage girls are having eating disorder because they think, they are fat.

This often occurs to models
They started to count calories in their food and exercise more than their body can effort.. and even, throw up the foods that they just ate.

But this thing is not happened to me, Please friends.. I still can think wisely.
Some of my friends think i have this kind of disease
Yes,I am someone who is scared of being fat and will do anything so that my weight will stay under 50kg.
And my waist will stay under 27inch. But i will never go below 40kg of weight and 20inch of waist.
A lot of peoples surround me, my friends, even my bf, they dont like the way i eat. Because i eat really less. You know, i take less oily food, i take less rice in my dish and i only take fruits for dinner, and my malay friends think it's weird. 

Yes i know at this early age, we just need to enjoy the food lah. I do enjoy the food, but only on weekends. On weekdays i strictly take care of what i eat. Why? because i think i have to .. and have a lot of other factors too. I also have fat burning lotion and i always wear it. lol.
My weight now is 48kg and my waist is 24.5 inch . I'm satisfied with it and looking foward to maintain it. To all my friendss, sorry for being too typical bout food, but this is me :)


  1. I used to be that girl who eating calories less than 800 kcal perday, Im scared of being fat again (even now I still chubby) ha ha ha.. but with 48kg and 24.5 inch you already has a nice figure(and u're pretty too ) ^_^ , sorry tanya tinggi awk berapa ? hee

  2. as long as you have a normal bmi, then i think it's okay ;)
    i'm really impressed with girls that could really care about what they eat, just like you cause i'm not that type of girl ;_; but i think i have a high metabolism ;_;

  3. Keep on eating healthy food dear..
    By the way, sis following your awesome blog..

  4. some people wants to keep fit. Some people wants to keep healthy. Some people wants to keep shape. Whatever it is just be yourself and stay healthy.

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