Friday, 30 January 2015

A busy month of the yearrrrrr

January.. a busy month of the year i guess, and the month for me to 'savinggg my money' .  Lol. i dint spend much on food, i need to save money.

So yeah, i havent update my blog for like weekss, and it's the end of January.
i'm busy with college, assignments, studies and part time business and real lifee and stuff.

Gettin involved with the Harry Potter Event.. OK i'm not really a fan of Harry Potter cuz i really dont like thriller-ike movie, so idk what it i called but it just so cool.

 The wall looks cool huh? LOL
MCS college Harry Potter event.

And i had a date with my bff sue at the korean restaurant. I had omelet, And sue had.... urm.. idk what it is called, but it is super delicious! It's at the K-Street Subang Jaya . SS15

I think my makeup make me looks sick LOL
 Ehehe sorry i just love to sefie since i get this new phone.. ViVo :)

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