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Thursday, 15 September 2016



Have you guys ever wondered why certain of people wash their hair at the salon?
Me too. At the same time i always wondered why my hair was super frizzy after i washed my hair at home.

After month by month, heavy dandruff started to develop. No matter how i wash my hair,
the dandruff just won't go away. It's like, snow. you know what i mean.
But the problem is, Malaysia doesnt have snow. So obviosly, i cant lie to people that it's my dandruff.

How do i get rid of this frizzy hair and dandruff. ?!
I was so stressed out.
Until one day, i decided to wash my hair at the salon.
It didn't really cost that much.
I washed my hair at the salon for RM18. Pretty cheap huh?
SOOOooo, this is my hair before i washed my hair at the salon.
Soo freakin frizzy and i hate that. I don't want to use too much heat to my hair just to get pretty straight hair!

Sooooo frizzy :(

I have no idea what did the hairdresser had done to my hair. Do they cast a spell or something? I don't know how do they do this! The way they washed my hair was pretty similar to how i washed my hair. BUT! why it turns out this good? If you could see, my picture below, my hair has become so silky, straight and non-frizzy. How amazing is that?!

Less frizzy! YAY. how did they do that? T_T

Is it because of the product that they used? i can't identified the product or brands that they used.
I think i have to come and work at their salon just to figure out the technique they used to wash costumer's hair

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Friendship is born

It's been 3 months i've go through this internship. There's a lot of pressure, stress, happy, laugh and a lot more. We had so much fun yesterday, dinner with the bosses and colleagues.

Actually i can't stand it anymore. Working in the Accounting firm is so much stress, boring, pressure, no life, unhappy . But, the thing that keep me to stay strong, and go through this painful internship is FRIENDS. Yes i made a lot of new friends, some are really good in Accounting, and some are not. Maybe Accounting is not for me? I really have no interest in it. lol. what an honest statement. but yeah, i can't stand it anymore.

This is a farewell for one of my office friends, since he already finished his internship.(I'm so jealous! i can't wait to finish my intern soon!)  So our boss decided to have a farewell party for him, since he had performed outstanding. So our bosses treat us dinner.

 The best thing is, we can "kikis" our bosses money and order a lot of foods. XD . This is serious man, we ordered, appetizers to desserts! so full yesterday, but i'm happy that i can kikis my boss money.

I felt so lazy to come to this farewell party, i just want to stay at home and have good sleep. But yeah, he's a friend of mine, and i had to come because he is my friend. 


Did you notice something in this photo? We both wear stripes. And it's a coincidence. lol

Bye dude, see you next time!

Monday, 8 August 2016

Doll eyes makeup

So, i've posted on You Tube recently about how to get the doll-like eyes. I will list all of the products used by myself. It's is super easy and less effort! no fake eyelashes used. No contact lenses needed. What you will need is the tools that you already have in your makeup pouch!
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This is the finished look!

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