Saturday, 19 December 2015

Not in good mood today

Today suppose to be a happy day, and everyday suppose to be a happy day for me.
But since this morning, everyone and everything started to ruin my mood. Actually i'm the one that easily get pissed off. I get mad easily, and rants bout stuff easily. I'm kind of hot-tempered person. But i still can control myself, even though i'm hot-tempered.

I only could express my anger here, just to make myself feels better.
The reason why i'm not in good mood today actually started from the morning. I woke up in the morning, cook breakfast. Which is fried egg, cuz i want to eat it with bread. But i din't clean the mess i made at the kitchen. And someone scolded me for that. Okay, i know it was my fault, but you could talk nicely to me right. since it's not really a big deal. I didn't set the house on fire.

Next, I and someone ride a motorbike to go to Kodak to take a passport photos of me. The passport photos didn't turns out really well, and i didn't look OK. It piss me off. Then, i wanted to go home. And it suddenly rained heavily. Like cats and dogs. So we have to park for a while at the bus stop, and waited for like about an hour just to wait for the rain to stop. I'm the one who hates wasting time. It piss me off. And i feel mooore piss off because got some strangers that smoke ciggerrate (idk if i spelled it wrong) . It really piss me off. And feels like want to scold everyone that wants to talk to me.

Next is adsense. Google recently has disapproved my account because of account duplication. So i have to delete my other adsense account in order to get rid of this problem. But until now, my adsense still has not showing up . They only serve blank advertisements. And this kinda piss me off. I dont have the mood to blog if i dint have adsense, nuffnang, and my other ads account.

so yeah, i feels better now, gonna take the shower. I don't like to scold people, Cuz you will never like me if i show you my dark side (hot-tempered).

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