Saturday, 26 December 2015

Pizza Junkies

Happy weekends yall.
We are just a few steps away until 2016!!
Yay can't wait ! Actually i can't wait for the new year sale to come. hehe. Who don't like to shop right! i do!
And also, RIP to all the money i have spent this year on food. Especially Pizza. I've been craving for pizza like crazy. But thanks god, i still remain fit. Probably because i walk a lot. yeah, this is a true fact bout me. I walk endlessly. I could walk all around times square straight to KLCC. Actually KL is not that big though. KL is really small to me, even my friends are tired walking with me lol!
So, today, i'm craving of pizza, and i  called the pizza man to send the pizzas straight to my house

These are domino pizza.
pizza *drollls*
My Fav all the time

I loves Plain cheese pizza, because. . . idk. It tasty than all other pizza. Probably most of people will choose beef pepperoni, or  chicken pepperoni. But i prefer plain cheese. Affordable yet tasty.

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