Friday, 7 August 2015

A lil Break of a busy schedule

Lol. it's already August. And i havent update my blog in a while.
Yeah, i am now in semester 3, and will proceed to semester 4 on October. I cant wait to finish my studies.. Cause i have a 'few personal goals to archieve' .

Just because Im a student, It doesn't mean i cant make my own money. Yeah? agree? 
I have my own ways on how to make money in a good way
I am someone who do not really likes to complaint. Especially about money. Sometimes my friend kinda annoy me. They got the allowance, and they spend all of them, and then they complain again . You get what i mean. . ?

LOL . okay, i dont know why, but recently i only thought bout money and that is why i write bout money. hehe

So today, since i have a free time, i feel like want to update my blog. And post some random picture of me. hehe 
Just some random selfie. hhihi

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