Sunday, 9 August 2015


So today, i went to Shakura since i have made an appointment with them.
Of course i can't wait to have a very beautiful, soft skin. Why i go here?
Because i don't have a perfect skin and i feels like sometimes i have to do some facial on ma face.

So yeah, firstly she Scan my face.. and yeah
according to the picture that they already scan on my face, my skin is actually superrrrrr duperrrr dryyyyyy.
My face looks OK if you see from a certain distance but actually my skin is super dry . And i also have a little bit of freckles and skin tags at the left and right side on my face .

and then, they bring me into the room and i change the clothes and wear their special clothes. lol.
SO firstly, they put some cream ( a very cold cream ) on my face and my neck and they massage my body and my face . I felt soo soo soo so so good and relaxed!

But the result is super nice and i am reallyyy really satisfied with the result. yay for smooth skin

This is their product, to maintain a healthy, soft and bright skin tone!

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