Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Driving test succeed

So today, i just finished driving test. And i pass.
So yeah, i feel so happy. You know , i thought i will fail.

Maybe some of you will know how does it feel like if you've took driving test before. Or probably you are reading this because you are going to take driving test tomorrow.


Because that's what i felt too.
All that actually will make you feel nervous to drive and not feeling confident. Please bear in mind that you should have enough practice before you take driving test, or you will fail. Wear your seat belt, that is the most important. Safety come first guys! Because if you didn't wear your seat belt, you will more likely to fail the test.

I'm just amateur in driving, and i have to admit that i need a lotttt of practice.
Practice makes perfect guys!

now i can enjoy french fries without having to worry about licence

1 comment:

  1. goodluck! bestnyaa dah test lesen. saya ni dalam progress lagi. tak siap-siap.


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