Friday, 13 July 2012

my phone... TuT

Heeyy, blog readers.. okay . english oral test is over , and now i can sleep well. it's just great to team up with wai hoong soraya , firdaus, skanda . it just great. Our teacher said the script that sue did was awesome. She asked us to perform at the assembly. But nooo dont. it's just too shameful i guess. but there is one thing that i hate the most on 'that' day. it just. u know, students loves to secretly bring phone to school. And i did too. i bring phone secretly to school. But then, suddenly got spot check. i waa like. wth. why you no do spot check when i didnt bring phone to school. why today??? so me and my friends hide it in a clutch and put it uunder the table. But.. they found out. it just.. wth bitch. it just a phone.

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