Friday, 26 December 2014

Testing Daiso Products (Makeup)

Have u been to a Japan based shop which is Daiso ?

Lately i've been to daiso and i bought some cute lil makeup which is the BB cream, Double eye pencil and Eyeshadow.
Everything is Daiso

After clean my face with my skincare, i just apply the BB cream on my face, Spread it using my ring finger so that i did not stress out my skin.

Now, i'm going to test the eyebrow pencil. It looks cute right
Since the eyebrow pencil has 2 colors which is brown and black, i choose the brown one.

As usual, just draw the eyebrows and brush it with eyebrow brush. hehe

And next is, Daiso's eyeshadow. Such a very cute packaging.

 makeup should now always need to be expensive
but, skincare need to be expensive
to create a perfect canvas 

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