Sunday, 3 July 2016

July's Palete

So, i'm back, with another blogpost for makeup tags!
So i've recently bought this Loreal Paris 'La Palette Nude' . Yeap that's the title. And the revlon Lipgloss. but i'm not going to review that lipgloss today. I just want to talk bout this eyeshadow palette and how i feel bout it. 

This palette is in Beige edition. Actually there are two edition in total. the other one is in Rose edition. I din't pick rose because i already have rosy-coloured palette, so i thought i just want something really premium for myself. beige is a really nice colour as you can see in the picture below. It has a lot of bright colour.  - more kind of nude colours. aww how pretty is that!

Yay for free eyeshadow brushes.!! I am planning to buy another Kabuki brush and it will be great if i mix this brush with them. I'll have a review for that, and i will tell you where i bought it at a cheaper price. Of course you can have it too!. Who want to spend a lot money on brushes, when you can have it for a cheaper price?

So i tested this color on my hand. The bright colour isn't really showing. it probably because of the lighting. And some of the eyeshadow's colour really match my skin tone, so you can't really see them. But yea, the texture is super nice, super comfortable, and very applicable. I am highly-highly recommend this product , since it's super beautiful


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  2. lawa nyaaaaa... suka sand color jugak =)

  3. Really nice neutral and brown shades! Will definitely buy this n try this out


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