Friday, 1 July 2016

Murtabak Maggie Recipe

Source of this video : Youtube

So, Here, I'm gonna share with all of you audience a Simple yet delicious recipe.
Honestly, i'm a huge fan of murtabak. Idk how does it spelled. martabak or murtabak. But, it has been one of my favourite dish for centuries. The recipe is really simple, anyone can do it.

I've try it, and you also can mix and match, food is an art guys. I'm gonna give it a shot.
A real murtabak is really complex to me. since, i don't know how to do it. i need to have curry, eggs, onion, beef or chicken. and some extraordinary stuff i've never seen before lol. This murtabak maggie is the easiest way to learn how to cook murtabak.

I'm someone who enjoy cooking and experimenting with food. Sometime, me and my bro always cook in the kitchen and the outcome is really good as well!

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