Saturday, 30 May 2015

Pentatonix Concert in MALAYSIA!

As i said in my previous post, I'm going to PTX concert ans it's was AMAZING! PTX was so energetic last night and so do us!

My ootd for the concert. Do anyone saw me at the concert last night? oh! and behind me is my babe. She's gettin ready lol.

Yeah, we sit at the front part, where people are standing and partying and stuff. And we was this close!
Yes we was this close to them! at the standing part and partying with them! Their performance was outstanding !
Kirstie was so beautiful last night! She's so beautiful in person. Mitch was so hyper lol. I think he dance the most last night compared to four other members. Scott is also cool and his voice was nice too.  And Kevin was like beatboxing till the end of the concert. I <3 THEM.

 Again.. and again, pic again. They didnt really use musical instuments like bass, guitar, drum, piano, but they use beatbox for the music! How awesome and talented was that ? Avi's voice was so deep and he sound like robot in the Transformer. I like guy with deep voice. I wonder how did he make that sound.
This is one of the most beautiful scene last night! Avi requested us to turn on our flashlight and waving. It was so beautiful , so i take a pic of it! how nice! This was the best experience ever.

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